California State Parks

Multi-year, protocol-level California red-legged frog surveys for all wetlands at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

 County of San Luis Obispo

Survey and monitor for multi-year stream channel construction project. Nesting bird surveys. Train crews for environmental awareness.

 Cambria Community Services District

Conduct years of monitoring to establish baseline data for stream species, habitat, water quality, and hydrology. Write a comprehensive report for agency review.

 Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District

Obtain permits and monitor invasive species eradication and wetland conservation project.

 City of Arroyo Grande

Surveys and reports for a new hiking trail.

California Rangeland Trust

Assess sixteen ranches for special status species and property improvements.  Completed baseline conditions reports and resource assessment reports.

Pismo RV Park 

Monitor the dewatering of 1000 feet of creek for bank stabilization. Capture and relocated hundreds of tidewater goby, mullet, and sculpin.

 Public Utilities

Environmental monitoring for oil remediation projects.